June 4, 2021

SCOTUS denies cert. in Johnson & Johnson talc case involving $1.62 billion punitive damages award

The Supreme Court has denied Johnson & Johnson's cert. petition discussed in this prior post.  

The petition drew widespread support from defense organizations, including the Atlantic Legal Foundation,  DRI, the Federal of Defense and Corporate Counsel, the International Association of Defense Counsel, the Missouri Organization of Defense Lawyers, the Product Liability Advisory Council, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and Washington Legal Foundation.  (You can view all those briefs through links on the Supreme Court's docket page.)

None of the attention managed to draw the Supreme Court's interest.  The Court denied the petition this week, with Justices Alito and Kavanaugh recusing themselves (no reason was given for the recusal but the likely explanation is that they own stock in Johnson & Johnson).  

Bloomberg Law posted this story on the ruling today: Justices Sticking to Punitive Damages Limits after J&J Case