February 2, 2015

Federal judge in Connecticut awards $27.5 million in punitive damages in trade secrets case

Law360 reported on January 21 (and it escaped my notice until now) that U.S. District Judge Michael P. Shea of the District of Connecticut awarded $27.5 million in punitive damages in an antitrust and trade secrets case.

According to the Law 360 article, a jury awarded $35 million in compensatory damages, which Judge Shea founded to be excessive.  He ordered a conditional new trial on the issue of compensatory damages, subject to an agreement by the plaintiff (MacDermid Printing Solutions) to reduce the award to $20 million.  But the defendant (Cortron Corp.) probably didn't spend much time celebrating when they learned that Judge Shea also granted the plaintiff's motion for punitive damages and awarded $27.5 million.