November 2, 2012

UC Irvine professor seeks punitive damages from Johnny Depp

We rarely report on pretrial proceedings in punitive damages cases.  Most cases end up settling, so we don't usually cover them until they reach a final verdict or decision by the court.  But this story is so odd it's worth a quick mention.  The Daily Pilot reports that a professor at UC Irvine's medical school is suing actor Johnny Depp for punitive damages.  The plaintiff claims that Depp's bodyguards roughed her up in the VIP area of an Iggy & the Stooges concert.  The story says the trial judge permitted plaintiff to proceed with her punitive damages claim, but the story doesn't explain whether the court made that ruling in connection with a motion to strike, a summary adjudication motion, or some other procedure.  In any event, I found it amusing that Iggy Pop's fan base has matured to the point that, when a fight breaks out at a show, it involves a medical professor and a celebrity entourage.