September 24, 2012

SCOTUS conferencing on Icicle Seafoods today

The Supreme Court of the United States is meeting today to decide which cert. petitions will be granted for the new Term, which formally begins next Monday.  As previously reported, one of the cases up for consideration is Icicle Seafoods v. Clausen, in which the cert. petition raised the following issues:

1. Whether, in determining the ratio between compensatory and punitive damages for purposes of applying federal limits on punitive damages, court awarded attorney’s fees are properly included as compensatory  damages.

2. Whether, and to what extent, punitive damages in maritime cases may exceed the 1:1 ratio between compensatory and punitive damages applied by the Court’s Exxon decision. 
At 9:30 tomorrow morning, the court will release its list of the petitions granted in today's conference.

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