April 2, 2010

Louisiana Law Review, Punitive Damages Symposium

The Winter 2010 issue of the Lousiana Law Review is a symposium edition on the topic of punitive damages. Here's a list of all the articles, with links to the text:

Foreword: Punitive Damages Today and Tomorrow
Thomas C. Galligan, Jr.

Punitive Damages and the Constitution
Thomas H. Dupree, Jr.

Punitive Damages and Class Actions
Francis E. McGovern

Punitive Damages in U.S. Maritime Law: Miles, Baker, and Townsend
David W. Robertson

Vicarious Liability for Punitive Damages
Michael F. Sturley

Punitive Damages, Forum Shopping, and the Conflict of Laws
Patrick J. Borchers

A Common Lawyer's Perspective on the European Perspective on Punitive Damages
Michael L. Wells

Louisiana Punitive Damages—A Conflict of Traditions
John W. deGravellesJ. Neale deGravelles

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