November 23, 2009

More Punitive Damages Against Pfizer in Prempro Litigation: Philadelphia Jury Awards $28 million

As reported by Bloomberg, Pfizer has been hit with another big punitive damages award - - $28 million - - in litigation over its hormone replacement drug Prempro.

At the same time, a judge in a separate case involving the same drug formally unsealed a $75 million punitive damages verdict. That verdict, which a jury rendered earlier this month in the same courthouse, was supposed to be confidential but was quickly leaked to the press.

In a third Prempro case, the Eighth Circuit determined earlier this month that the plaintiffs had presented sufficient evidence to support a claim for punitive damages (but the court ordered a new trial to redetermine the amount of the award).

According to plaintiffs' lawyers, Pfizer faces lawsuits from 10,000 more women who claim injuries from Pfizer's hormone replacement drugs. Pretty soon this is going to add up to some real money.

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