August 26, 2009

Briefs in Roby v. McKesson Now Available on Cal. Supreme Court Website

Woo-hoo! This is the sort of thing an appellate nerd like me gets excited about. The California Supreme Court has introduced a terrific new feature to its website. The court has posted links to the briefs in the cases on the court's September 2 oral argument calendar (including Roby v. McKesson). The links include both the review-stage briefs and the merits-stage briefs. I certainly hope the court continues this feature for future argument calendars.

Hat tip: The Complex Litigator. As Scott at the Complex Litigator points out, this may be the court's response to a recent controversy over the court's distribution of briefs to Lexis and WESTLAW. Unlike those fee-based services, the court's website makes the briefs freely available to anyone, conveniently grouped together so that no searching is necessary.