September 22, 2008

Keanu's Excellent Judicial Adventure: Judge Tosses Punitive Damages Claim

We previously blogged about Keanu Reeves' unsuccessful motion to strike a punitive damages claim against him. According to the Associated Press, the judge has had a change of heart, and has now dismissed the punitive damages claim.

The plaintiff in the case is a photographer who claims that Reeves intentionally ran into him while Reeves was pulling his car out of a parking spot. Reeves previously moved to strike the punitive damages claim on the ground that any injury was accidental, but L.A. superior court judge Elizabeth A. Grimes ruled, "There's not a whisper of accident here." She has apparently now reached the opposite conclusion, dismissing the punitive damages claim on the ground that plaintiff presented no evidence of malice. (The AP story gives no clue as to the procedural posture of the case, but I'm guessing the court has granted a motion for summary adjudication.)