August 7, 2008

Trio of Punitive Damages Law Review Articles

Three recent law review articles address punitive damages issues:

Frank A. Perrecone and Lisa Fabiano have an article in the Northern Illinois University Law Review entitled "The Federalization of Punitive Damages and the Effect on Illinois Law."

Paul Edgar Harold and Tracy L. Cole have an article in the University of Arkansas at Little Rock Law Review entitled "Darned if You Due Process, Darned if You Don't Understanding the Due Process Dilemma for Punitive Damages in Title VII Class Actions." (No link available but the cite is 30 U. Ark. Little Rock L. Rev. 453.)

Maren P. Schroeder has an article in the Wyoming Law Review entitled "Damage Control? Unraveling the New Due Process Standard Prohibiting the Use of Nonparty Harm to Calculate Punitive Damages, Philip Morris USA v. Williams." (No link available but the cite is 8 Wyo. L. Rev. 607.)