July 18, 2008

L.A. Jury Rejects Claim for $950 Million in Punitive Damages

The Associated Press is reporting that a Los Angeles County jury returned a defense verdict in a case against Johnson & Johnson, in which the plaintiffs claimed that Children's Motrin nearly killed their daughter and caused her to become blind.

The plaintiffs' attorney, well-known L.A. lawyer Browne Greene, sought over $1 billion in damages: $14 million in actual damages, $103 million for pain and suffering and $950 million in punitive damages. The jury found that Motrin presented substantial risks, but the jury rejected the plaintiffs' failure-to-warn claim. One of the jurors spoke to the press and said the girl's mother failed to follow directions on the label by giving Samantha Children's Motrin after the girl woke up with puffy eyes. "It said on the label, any new symptoms call the doctor, and she didn't do that," the juror said.