June 11, 2008

Legal Themed Dinner Plates: The Punitive Damages Collection

No, I'm not kidding. Jose Klein, a Harvard law student who makes decorative dinner plates in his spare time, is selling a set of plates commemorating six famous punitive damages decisions:

Day v. Woodworth (the U.S. Supreme Court's 1851 decision validating the concept of punitive damages in a trespass action)

Grimshaw v. Ford Motor Co. (the Ford Pinto case, which is near and dear to our hearts not just because its a California decision, but because Horvitz & Levy founding partner Ellis Horvitz represented the plaintiff on appeal)

BMW v. Gore (who knew that Dr. Ira Gore's repainted BMW would lead to the recognition of constitutional restrictions on the amount of punitive damages?)

Kemezy v. Peters (Judge Posner's rejection of the California rule that requires plaintiffs to present evidence of the defendant's net worth in order to obtain punitive damages)

Romo v. Ford Motor Co. (another California punitive damages case involving Ford, 22 years after Grimshaw; instead of representing the plaintiffs, this time our firm represented amici for the defense in the California Court of Appeal, the Cal. Supreme Court, and the U.S. Supreme Court)

Philip Morris v. Williams (the ongoing saga of an Oregon punitive damages award that made its way back onto the U.S. Supreme Court docket just this week)

You can collect all six punitive damages plates (part of the "Learned Handmade Plates" line) for the low low price of $100.00. Act now while supplies last!

Hat tip: Above the Law.