June 13, 2008

Ford Files Reply in Support of Petition for Review in Buell-Wilson

Ford has filed a reply in support of its petition for review to the California Supreme Court in Buell-Wilson v. Ford. That's the case in which the California Court of Appeal reaffirmed a $55 million punitive damages award even after the US Supreme Court vacated the Court of Appeal's prior opinion affirming the same award and remanding the case for reconsideration in light of Philip Morris v. Williams (Williams II).

You can view our prior posts on Buell-Wilson here. You can also read Ford's petition for review, Buell-Wilson's answer to the petition, and our amicus letter on behalf of the American Chemistry Council.

The Supreme Court's ruling on the petition is due by June 27. The court holds its case conferences on Wednesdays, so we can expect the court to issue a ruling on June 18th or June 25th. You can track the status of the case on the court's online docket.