May 23, 2008

Trial Court Declines to Overturn $350 Million Verdict Against Dow and Rockwell In "Rocky Flats" Case

According to this report from the Chicago Tribune, Judge John Kane of the federal district court in Denver has denied the post-trial motions filed by Dow Chemical Co. and Rockwell International Corp. in a case involving a $350 million verdict. Judge Kane also ordered the defendants to pay 8 percent interest dating back to 1990, when the suit was filed. The plaintiffs' attorney says that brings the total to more than $900 million.

The defendants operated a nuclear weapons facility known as "Rocky Flats," and the plaintiffs are neighboring landowners who claim that contamination from the plant lowered their property values. Earlier press reports indicated that the verdict included $110.8 million in punitive damages against Dow and $89.4 million in punitive damages against Rockwell. Not surprisingly, the Chicago Tribune report says both defendants plan to appeal.