May 14, 2008

Plaintiffs File Reply in Support of Petition for Review in Holdgrafer v. Unocal

For your reading pleasure, here is a copy of the plaintiffs' reply in support of their petition for review to the California Supreme Court in Holdgrafer v. Unocal. As you may recall, this is the case in which the Court of Appeal reversed a $5 million punitive damages award and ordered a retrial on punitive damages because the plaintiffs improperly presented the jury with evidence of Unocal's dissimilar conduct towards nonparties. We have previously linked to the petition for review, and the answer to the petition for review.

The Supreme Court has until June 16 to rule on the petition. The court normally holds its case conferences every Wednesday, but the court will not conference on May 28 or June 4 due to oral arguments. That means the court will either rule on this petition May 21 or June 11.