May 5, 2008

Keanu Reeves Loses Motion to Strike Punitive Damages Claim

Last week we blogged about a photographer who is suing Keanu Reeves for punitive damages. Today, Judge Elizabeth Grimes of the L.A. Superior Court denied Reeves' motion to strike the plaintiff's punitive damages claim. Apparently, Reeves argued in his motion that punitive damages should be unavailable because the complaint failed to allege that he acted intentionally when he hit the plaintiff with his car. Judge Grimes disagreed: "There's not a whiff of accident here." The case is currently set for trial on October 27.


  1. Now, listen. I don't care about your crime. Whatever you did,... I'm sure that you're sorry, so it's cool now. It's over. I'm not a cop right now. See? We're just two cool guys, just hanging out...

  2. The Complex Litigator (H. Scott Leviant)5/7/08, 9:34 AM

    I thank you for making my day (and giving me the idea for my greatest blog post yet).


    The Complex Litigator